Linhart PR Stakeholder Relations and Community Planning:

Build better community relationships and earn approval for planned projects  

Our proven six-step strategic community engagement process is a customizable way to gain input from key stakeholders and impacted communities, to ultimately gain support, minimize community opposition or earn local and state approvals for your project or planned activity. We tailor the partnership around your specific project, opportunities and challenges, key players and permitting needs to create a multi-channel communications and community engagement plan — and then help you execute it to reach your goals.

LPR Community Engagement

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Why work with us? 

We become an extension of your team, helping you build stronger relationships with communities where you’re doing business, earn project approval and meet business objectives. In fact, through our community engagement process, we helped a client secure unanimous conditional approval of an infrastructure project, after having the permit previously denied.  

Our Process 

Our approach meets you where you’re at, so while we can help you with all six steps, we can also customize our approach to best support your specific needs.

Step 1LPR Community Engagement Step 1

Lead a discovery workshop and conduct market research to paint a holistic picture of the situation, challenges, key players, permitting process, etc.

Step 2Key message icon

Build a fact-based foundation for consistent storytelling and information-sharing around the project, by developing a narrative framework 

Step 3LPR Community Engagement Step 3

Develop a strategic approach to community engagement tailored to project/company needs; potential tactics could include:

  • Information portal creation and messaging 
  • Media relations and social media strategy 
  • Community meetings, including in-person, digital and telephone town halls, and coffee shop talks 
  • Employee ambassador training and spokesperson preparation 
  • Government stakeholders and community partnership/sponsorship plan and implementation support

Step 4LPR Community Engagement Step 4

Activate against the community engagement approach to bring the strategy to life alongside relevant teams or third parties; this includes:

  • End-to-end support for in-person and telephone town hall community meetings
  • Third party counsel on negotiations with impacted communities 

Step 5LPR Community Engagement Step 5

Monitor evolution of community sentiment against communication efforts via a CRM platform to:

  • Record positive community feedback, changes of opinion and/or mitigation of community opposition
  • Demonstrate good faith attempts to engage with local communities and find win-win solutions 
  • Leverage in the permitting process and with key decision makers

Step 6LPR Community Engagement Step 6

Story tell communications and community engagement efforts designed for regulatory reporting and documentation, including permitting approval through:

  • Presentation and script development
  • Presentation training
  • Writing testimony recapping community engagement efforts for permit application filing and indices

Learn more about our community engagement experience: 

Building Community Support for Utility Infrastructure

A Southern Colorado utility engaged Linhart PR to build support — and ultimately earn permit approval — for its proposed transmission line project, through increased community education and engagement, before beginning the permitting process.

LPR Community Engagement 4

Community Outreach Plan Educates and Engages Energy Project Stakeholders

A Colorado energy company sought Linhart PR’s support in positioning itself as a highly engaged and responsible operator that works collaboratively with local residents, stakeholders and organizations, as it planned projects and navigated the state and local permitting processes.

LPR Community Engagement 2